Who Is Taylor Duncan?

Alternative Baseball originates with Taylor Duncan, the founder/CEO/commissioner of ABO. I have never met Taylor, and all I know about him comes from the various websites and social media pages that bear his or his organization’s names. I’ll quote some here, with citations of where I got my information (never plagiarize!), but since I’ll be posting the links to his sites, please take a deeper look for yourself to discover what you can about this amazing young man and the journey he traveled that led him to develop the Alternative Baseball Organization that our players get to enjoy now. An important element in Taylor’s progress is his Christian faith. That element is also important to Coach Mike, who works with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Coach Kevin, among others involved in Bangor Alternative Baseball. Here is what Taylor has to say on his own website:
Growing up in a rural-suburban community wasn’t always easy for me. I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 4. When I was much younger, I experienced a lot of sensory issues, speech issues, and anxiety issues which kept me out of traditional sports due to a lot of those developmental delays. As I got older, I would face a lot of social stigma where I had to persevere through the perceptions of what one with autism can accomplish from both classmates and youth athletic coaches. I was often denied opportunities, cut from teams, and encouraged to quit on several occasions growing up. With the help of my Mother, teachers, mentors, and the Lord Jesus Christ, I have powered through most of those obstacles… and have POWERED THROUGH THE PERCEPTION!https://sites.google.com/view/taylorcduncan/who-is-taylor-duncan. Accessed 10/15/2021.
You can learn more about Taylor Duncan and the Alternative Baseball Organization by visiting their respective websites: http://www.taylorcduncan.com. https://www.alternativebaseball.org/. Finally, here are the TEAMS of ABO nationwide: https://www.alternativebaseball.org/teams.
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