Marching On

It’s the second week of March, and baseball season is almost in view! The website has lain dormant for the last couple of months as I temporarily lost my mind…erm, I mean, lost my login information for it. I think it’s working again. I hope you’ve survived Maine’s latest brisk winter relatively unscathed. It’s been interestingContinue reading “Marching On”

“Let’s Go, Brendon!”

Brendon St. Amand  Photo Credit: Don St. Amand On a late November (or was it early December?) afternoon when I was released from my responsibilities at the correctional facility in Charleston, I made my way to Tim Horton’s coffee shop on Broadway in Bangor to meet with Don St. Amand, Brendon’s grandfather. He was waitingContinue reading ““Let’s Go, Brendon!””

Gratitude Attitude

It’s easy to complain. Well, speaking for myself, I know that is true. At age 52, I am married to my best friend, we have two growing sons (that love baseball), extended family that love us, and gainful employment. The struggles we face are the similar to ones experienced by families and individuals in countlessContinue reading “Gratitude Attitude”

What’s up? Enthusiasm, that’s what’s up!

At our end-of-season-banquet in October, it became abundantly clear that as much as we love baseball, many of our families want more sports to follow the example of ABO, and alternative leagues were suggested for hockey and basketball, too. To be fair, a number of people involved with BABO have spent many years already coachingContinue reading “What’s up? Enthusiasm, that’s what’s up!”

Play-by-Play and Color Commentators

I am biased when it comes to baseball commentators. There, I’ve laid it right out there. No hidden agenda, no passive aggressive subversion, just my views, bare and open before you. That also means that there are play-by-play announcers that I like and those that I loathe. It’s Game 6 of the World Series asContinue reading “Play-by-Play and Color Commentators”


That’s what he says at the end, and I agree with him. Who is ‘he’? He’s Taylor Duncan, a young man from Dallas, Georgia, who was born with disabilities on the autism spectrum that affected his opportunities to play organized baseball as a youngster. Coaches were concerned that his autism would inhibit his ability toContinue reading ““WE NEED THIS””