At the Family Game and Banquet on October 24, I indicated that I hoped to acquire player and family information to create mini biographies for our website and blog. I’m interested in knowing where you’re from/grew up, what sparked your interest in baseball, which MLB team you root for, why, and who your favorite MLB player is and why; what you see as your greatest challenge, and how you overcome your challenges. Who or what inspires you each day? How do you handle discouragement? How do you encourage yourself and others? What is your greatest joy in life? What is one thing you want the rest of Bangor Alternative Baseball to know about you?

Finally, how can we support you best? From experience, I know that sharp, loud noises can be a problem for some, so maybe you’d appreciate it if we’d remember not to yell in your ears. Or perhaps you’d be more comfortable if we didn’t wave our arms around in your personal space.  Are you comfortable answering this: I’m most comfortable if you remember that: (and you fill in the blank here).

My son loves the idea of watching parades, but he has learned that he can’t actually go to parades. He loves to see big rigs, fire engines, ambulances, police cars, and other emergency vehicles, but the sounds of them leave him shaking in terror.  Headphones do not mute the sound enough for him. Headphones + hugging him to my chest and covering his ears with my arms are not enough. The tremors that wrack his frame are heartbreaking, because I know he wants to enjoy the parade, but those sounds are just too much for him.  His answer to the final question above would be, “I’m most comfortable if you remember that I don’t like loud sounds.”

We want to celebrate you, the players, and your loved ones, because they support you and cheer for you each week of the season. If you are willing to answer the questions in this post, either by email (easiest way) or in person (we can try to schedule a time), please be in touch with me. You can reach me at <>.

Thank you!

Bill MacDonald

Published by Bangor Alternative Baseball (BAB)

We are a coed team of teens and adults, ages 15+ with autism and other disabilities, that play baseball and learn life and social skills for on and off the baseball diamond. We are part of a national nonprofit organization featuring more than 80 teams across America.

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