It’s a CAR!

A few weeks ago, one of my adult education students started a project in his spare time, creating fleece hats with BAB letters sewn onto them. He intended to give them to the team before the end of the season. He made the prototype, which you have already seen in pictures or on my head, no doubt.

As we all know, the best laid plans do not always work out as designed, and this case is one of those. My student, whose name is Chris, was unable to get the letters in time to complete the project before the final practice in October (today). However! The letters are on order, and when they arrive, he will make the hats and give them to me to pass along.

The hats are a donation. He feels firmly that he should be giving back to the community as a demonstration of reconciling with society and community when he re-enters after his time in the Department of Corrections. I am proud of him for the initiative he is taking to make amends with the community in general, even though he is not from around here, showing that he understands the need to be connected to the people around him, just as we have become connected to one another through Bangor Alternative Baseball!

“So, Bill,” you say, “what does this have to do with the title of your blog post??”

Ah, that. I really was getting there. When Chris realized that he couldn’t deliver the hats in time, he came up with another gift for this week.  What could possibly top a hat?

It’s a car!

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We are a coed team of teens and adults, ages 15+ with autism and other disabilities, that play baseball and learn life and social skills for on and off the baseball diamond. We are part of a national nonprofit organization featuring more than 80 teams across America.

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