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On Sunday, during our game versus the Celebrity All Stars, a friend of mine by the name of Liz Leavitt, found me in the stands and came to talk with me. She was taking lots of pictures of the game and festivities, but she was also excited about an opportunity to promote Alternative Baseball a little more. She said she had a friend that worked for local radio, and that friend wanted to do a story about a story about our team that told the perspective of a player’s parent.

Being shy and retiring, I naturally said “No.” You can stop laughing now. I was very eager to tell what I knew and promote the team and the league, so I jumped at the chance, which Liz knew I would. She got my phone number and passed it along to Cori, who connected with me Monday afternoon. We talked on the phone for about 25 minutes, and she wrote her story to be published on 92.9 FM today.

I’ve used Liz’s name here because the photos in the story came from her camera, and because she’s the reason Cori and I connected for the interview to take place. It’s really just one more example of someone you know knowing someone that wants to share your exciting story with more people–isn’t that what we’ve all experienced since we first heard about Bangor Alternative Baseball?

You can find the story here: https://929theticket.com/bangor-alternative-baseball-finished-its-1st-season-with-one-and-only-game-this-sunday/

and here: https://i95rocks.com/bangor-alternative-baseball-finished-its-1st-season-with-one-and-only-game-this-sunday/

Published by Bangor Alternative Baseball (BAB)

We are a coed team of teens and adults, ages 15+ with autism and other disabilities, that play baseball and learn life and social skills for on and off the baseball diamond. We are part of a national nonprofit organization featuring more than 80 teams across America.

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