Today’s Feature: The Bleacher Creature

“Take me out to the ball-game. Take me out with the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and crackerjack; I don’t care if I never get back! Let us root, root, root for the home team. If they don’t win, it’s a shame!Cuz it’s ONE! TWO! THREE! strikes, YER OUT! at the old ball game!”

A surprising element to Bangor Alternative Baseball has been the excitement of our fans for our practices. Our “Bleacher Creatures” are the parents, guardians, siblings, friends, and others that bring the players for practices and then stay to watch. It doesn’t matter to our fans whether it’s practice or a game; they like the product they’re seeing on the field, and they cheer for every player for the effort and good play.

It was evident from the very first practice that this would be a radically different experience than any we’d ever known before. For many of us, we were familiar with the idea of dropping off players and leaving coaches to ‘do their thing,’ especially if it meant we’d get two hours of ‘free time’ to run errands, have a break from responsibility for others, or whatnot. True, we might stay for the first practice just to see what goes on, but returning each week and staying on purpose?

Yup. We stay. We visit with one another, getting to know each other, asking about families and friends, developing a bond that goes beyond baseball but only came about because of baseball. And, we watch Bangor Alternative Baseball. It’s fun! It’s uplifting, encouraging, edifying. We bundle up a little more as the warmth of summer dwindles, and we take pictures or videos to share with others, and make plans for the big celebrity game coming up on September 17th.

Who are we BAB Bleacher Creatures?

Folks like these:

“Yes, we’ve liked the team Facebook page! We’re here to cheer on the team in practice!”

Hardy folk. These, and many more. Come and join us!

Published by Bangor Alternative Baseball (BAB)

We are a coed team of teens and adults, ages 15+ with autism and other disabilities, that play baseball and learn life and social skills for on and off the baseball diamond. We are part of a national nonprofit organization featuring more than 80 teams across America.

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